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Mary slept like a champ last night. Must’ve read my last blog post like my sister joked. She slept straight through from about 8:30 to 7:08. And I only briefly woke at 3ish to decide my bladder wasn’t full enough … Continue reading

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boy or girl?

I am so much more anxious this time around to find out the gender of our baby. The anxiousness has surprised me! With Mary, we both were hoping for a girl, but I remember thinking as we waited for that … Continue reading

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end of an era

Welp. It’s been a week since I nursed Mary. I always thought we’d nurse until two (which is what’s recommended), but I guess my pregnancy and going back to work part-time made it an easy transition for both of us. … Continue reading

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So, I’m not sure who really reads this. So, here’s the deal. I tell you a secret, and you promise to comment, okay? You can just comment with “comment” if you want. Deal? Deal.   I’m pregnant. 🙂 We are … Continue reading

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Dear Sisters and Sisters-in-law

Why do you not live in my neighborhood? I love my stinky baby girl, but haven’t had an adult conversation in 17 hours.

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naptime success!

I’m celebrating a bit prematurely because she’s STILL ASLEEP(!), but Mary has been napping in her crib for an hour. Success. Sweet success. I’ve been using that time to talk on the phone to one of my sisters and….ellipticize. Yep. … Continue reading

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new year, new job

Well, not a new job. Just a change in my hours… I’m going to officially become a stay-at-home mom (SAHM)! Sorta. Okay, to explain… I’m a pharmacist. I graduated May of 2009 and immediately began working for a large retailer. … Continue reading

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