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So, I’m not sure who really reads this. So, here’s the deal. I tell you a secret, and you promise to comment, okay? You can just comment with “comment” if you want. Deal? Deal.   I’m pregnant. 🙂 We are … Continue reading

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date night

Mark and I are going out to dinner alone tonight for the first time in…forever? We went once, almost a year ago, but had to cut the night short because baby Mary was crying too much & wouldn’t take a … Continue reading

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Random photos while I try to get this baby to stay asleep: We made our own taco salad shells using tortillas, Fiestaware bowls, and the oven. Oh. Also some cooking spray and a cookie sheet. I made lasagna for the … Continue reading

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don’t forget

We’ve been away, and I’ll post something more substantial sometime, but I wanted to write down some things about Mary before I forget. She says “Uh-oh”. Or “oh-uh”. She’s definitely a walker. Can’t leave the house without shoes. She can … Continue reading

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Dear Sisters and Sisters-in-law

Why do you not live in my neighborhood? I love my stinky baby girl, but haven’t had an adult conversation in 17 hours.

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After a good night’s sleep (asleep by 11, awake at 2:30 with Mary, then up at seven for good…or good until my hour and a half nap this afternoon), I woke in a much better mood. I had a couple … Continue reading

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photo update

Here are some recent photos from my phone… I made Mary’s birthday dress. We prepared for Mary’s and Hannah’s birthday party (with lots of help from great friends and family). We celebrated. We learned that Mary owns 30 stuffed giraffes. … Continue reading

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