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house #2

So I just mentioned being mortgage-free in my last little post about taxes. Well, I doubt we’ll pay off the mortgage of this house… Mark and I had a fun little day-dreamy talk two nights ago about our next house. … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is “holy crap our house is disgusting we better clean all day long” day. Should be fun. 😉 Although, probably not as fun as eating black beans.

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playroom progress

Slowly, but surely, we’re making the playroom a little more awesome each day. Having a 14-month-old underfoot sure slows ya down. Here are some iPhone photo updates: Fun Lack shelf from IKEA: Fun spice racks from IKEA used as front-facing … Continue reading

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nursery tour

One of my favorite websites showcases children’s rooms and nurseries. Check them out here at Ohdeedoh. I’m (very) slowly getting things done in Mary’s playroom, and when it looks more fun, I’ll take some photos to share. But before I … Continue reading

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decorating for a heart party

We had a little party this weekend to celebrate Mary having completely recovered from her heart surgery last month. It’d been long enough that she wasn’t at an increased risk of infection, so we could let germy kids* come over. … Continue reading

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blogging from our new “office”

So, yes, the Oh house is a’changin’. It’s been a real mess around here (even more than the usual real mess), but it’s rapidly improving! After Mark got home this morning, he spent around two hours moving our bed into … Continue reading

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and then there were three…

My brother-in-law has moved out. (Some of his stuff remains…but it should be out by the end of the weekend.) Matt’s been fun to have around most of the time, and I’m sad that I’ll have to do the dishes … Continue reading

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