To remember

My kids’ words can stop me in my tracks. 
Our dog, Wendy, was an angel for about a week and a half. Now we’ve had her for 3 months and she seems to becoming more of a puppy each day! She chewed on some things early on, but nothing of value or anything that made me get upset. Recently, I woke to the sound of her gnawing on something. Not on her bone, but on a wooden peg doll painted by a friend. So, one of a kind, and cry precious to me. I yelled and yelled. This woke Mary who came out and said in the sweetest voice:
“Wendy’s not a bad dog, mom. She’s a good dog. She’s just a puppy. We have to teach her to be a dog.”
And the other day when leaving the children’s museum, I saw a homeless man in the park. I’ve seen him dozens of times at an underpass not far from there. He was walking away from us, as we sat in the van about to leave, and Clare stopped mid-whine to point and say,
“Hey, they look like Mary, Mother of God! It’s Mary!”
He had a coat hanging off his head by the hood, so I guess he looked veiled 🙂


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