4 1/2

How is my baby so old? As of January 16th, Mary is officially 4 1/2, but don’t tell her because months ago she asked if we could have her half birthday party at My Little Dollhouse.

She got invited to two classmates’ birthday parties this week. The odd thing was that one invite was sent home Thursday for a party the very next day! She couldn’t go because I was working til 7 pm, and it would be a huge hassle for Mark to take her by himself with the two other kids too. After she went to the birthday party today, she told me that the other birthday girl was there. Mary said she told her, “I’m sorry I couldn’t go to your party. I hope you had a good birthday.” How sweet is my girl?! When I talked with Mary on Friday about why she had to miss that party, I told her she could explain it to her friend at school, so it’s not like she came up with it all by herself, but I’m proud she remembered and was so polite. What a gem.

Other Mary stories while I’m thinking of them:

The other day they came by to see me at work and my manager Amy asked Mary what she was learning in school. Mary replied something about the letter P, so Amy asked what words started with me. Mary replied, “Pig…and pharmacy.” Haha! So smart!

Tonight Mark was talking on the phone with his best friend, Fr Colin (also happens to be Mary’s godfather), and Mary said she had questions for him. First was, “How are Jesus and God the same person?” And then, “Why can’t women be priests?” I guess she really takes it to heart and remembers these things, because sometimes when I feel like our deep conversations are going in circles, I tell her to ask Fr Colin. But it’s been at least a couple months since she’s asked questions like that to me.

This little girl’s kindergarten application is due at the end of the week. I can’t believe how fast time flies.



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