Yesterday I was so crabby. I really think it had to do with hormones (thanks to breastfeeding around the clock) and lack of quality sleep. I seriously could have just cried for no reason and that is very unlike me.

In all my crabbiness and crankiness, my two girls cracked me up.

First, Clare mooned Mary. She was running around in just her undies (pretty common because of all her wardrobe changes), and I walked into where they were playing to see Clare pull down her undies and say, “Mary look at my bottom!” I could not not smile when I told her to never do that. Oh man.

And later, Mary informed me she was going to draw me a picture of where she was going to go. She came back quickly with a folded piece of paper, dropped it by me, and took off to the bathroom. After I looked at the drawing, I went to check on her going potty and talked with her about the picture. She asked why I kept smiling. Uhh…because you drew yourself with your pants at your ankles??



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