It’s always one

One girl usually falls asleep fast, and the other acts so wide awake FOREVER. Tonight, it’s Clare. I’m sitting at the food of their bed, waiting for her to go to sleep. She napped until 4:00, so I understand, but it’s still frustrating. I even got John in his crib, which is no small feat. I could be doing something else now like dishes or watching Gilmore Girls, but nope, just sitting at the foot of their bed.

So yes, I’m back to a steady pharmacist job. Working part-time at Target, but am in training for a few weeks with a variable schedule. This week I was scheduled for 40 hours (ugh), but asked for 5 hours off one day. Out of the 35 hours, we only needed childcare for 5. That means Mark and I haven’t seen much of each other.

Work is good, though. I really like it. It won’t be quite as fun when I’m the only pharmacist, but it’s a good place. I’m working at the pharmacy I opened after graduating. It’s fun to see old customers from five years ago. I have recognized lots of names and faces.

Mark’s work is going well too. He made number one on the corporal’s list which is basically AWESOME. I am so proud of him. He loves his job and is good at it. What more could you want for a career? He will promote in the next few weeks, do some training, then go back to his current squad as corporal. It’s such a great schedule for us right now, so that makes me extra thankful that everything is falling into place for me to work more.


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