Driving down Peoria and Mary announces she wants to stop at Subwich. She tells me it’s a new word she learned today. We were passing Subway, so I asked, “Do you mean Subway?” She laughs and says yes. I ask what she wants to get and she tells me, “Nothing. You can just get something for yourself.” Instead we went to Sonic so I could get a happy hour coke and the girls could scream about not wanting to share apple slices.

Tonight John had his first tea party with his sisters. He was really good at holding the saucer and shoving it in his mouth. Mary gave me a pretend menu and told me to tell the waiter what I wanted. I requested scones and fruit. I asked Clare what she ordered and she replied, “Poop. I eat poop.” And then the giggles. I have no idea why she thinks poop is so funny. Both girls love to just throw that word around and giggle and giggle.

Mary’s class had a pow wow today. She told me her Native American name this morning before class. I was impressed when I saw it on her vest later.

I sent macaroni and cheese with hotdogs for Clare’s lunch. First time to branch out past a sandwich or pepperonis. I wasn’t sure how well the Thermos would work, but figured it would be okay because she routinely requests cold leftover mac & cheese and eats it straight from the fridge. I was happy to have a reason to use the container I bought Mark many years ago.




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