This whole “fall back” crap is kicking my ass. Or maybe it’s my whole philosophy of baby/child-led-sleeping. That is so kicking my ass, for sure. The more kids we have, the harder it is to have them get the sleep they need because they’re so dependent on us to get to sleep.

In her four years of life, I’ve never seen Mary so cranky and fussy as she’s been the last couple hours. Holy good gravy. It’s also not been my shining moment. I don’t know how to cope with her. She’s four and she’s crying and crying and crying and won’t take a nap. So I’m yelling and yelling and yelling and that doesn’t help.

Now she’s lying in her bed quietly and holding my hand. I love that she often holds my hand to go to sleep, but I now have more kids than hands. Currently, the other two are entertaining themselves in the living room. Surely I can trust a two-year-old with her baby brother, right?


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