Hi, Stephanie

I am so inconsistent with blogging. Obviously a lot has happened since my last post. John was born. Labor was fast and furious, and it’s amazing how much nicer it feels to not be pregnant. I’ll take post-partum recovery any day over the 9 months prior.

John’s my first baby to take a bottle, so I returned to working at just 4 weeks. Kind of crazy, but we really did ease into it, and I’m actually about to go back to working part-time at my old pharmacy. I was kind of astonished to realize I am working nearly 20 hours a week, so might as well get better pay and benefits. Life is expensive. Well, really, tuition is, and now we have two kids in Catholic preschool and one husband getting his Masters. I’m happy I can help pay for all that, and excited to finally start saving again. We still want to move in a year or two, and we need a down payment.

Mark’s headed home from work, so I’ll post a few recent pics from my iPad and start watching a show before he commandeers the TV and chooses something lame. 🙂






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thirty-something. working on life.
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