back to blogging?

I just got an ipad mini (super fun!) and we bought a laptop recently too, for Mark to type his grad school papers. I’m thinking it’s time to get back into blogging. Kinda ironic, because I’m actually sitting at our desktop to type this now!

Anyways. Here are some random things:

– Mary is pretty hilarious. Yesterday in particular she made me laugh a lot. First she asked, “How do you say llama in Spanish?” I have no idea where she got that, neither does Mark, but it probably has something to do with Dora. She couldn’t explain anything when I questioned her. Later, she was putting on her swimsuit and farted a couple times, so I asked “Do you have the toots?” She replied, with a big grim, “I think my tooter’s trying to say, ‘I’m hungry!'”. And at the dinner table, she tried out a new joke: “Have you ever seen a bean burrito…..on a sandwich??” I was thankful it didn’t involve poop or pee like most of her jokes do.

– Getting closer to baby John’s arrival. I think it’d be great if he arrived on June 25th (Mark’s bday), but I also think it’d be okay if he waited until his due date of July 8th.  I just realized that I get paid time and a half for holidays at Target, so I accepted a shift on the fourth of July. I’ll cancel if I can’t work, but if I can, might as well make some bank, eh?

– Mark and I trained to be Billings Ovulation Method teacher (a form of Natural Family Planning). It’s been a month, and we have not gotten the ball rolling with actually starting our ministry. Excuses include being super busy with both of us working, not being able to meet up with our priest about our plan of action, and yada yada yada. I’m super excited about it, though, and think making a powerpoint about the theology and Church’s teachings will be my favorite part!

– My whole extended family will be going on vacation in a month. I’m naively not nervous about a long drive with three little kids, and think it’s fun we’re all getting matching tshirts. We’re just gonna hang out in some cabins and be pretty relaxed.

– We still haven’t actually tried to fit three car seats across our car’s bench seat. If it doesn’t work, I guess we’ll be buying a minivan next week 😉


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