I love our house and where we live…for the most part. But I know, and have always known, that this is our starter house and we won’t live here forever. Partly because while our neighborhood is okay (I LOVE our location), we are near some notsogood places. Quadruple homicide, anyone? However, the biggest reason we’ll move is because Mark’s parents are planning on moving to our neck of the woods in a couple years. I think if they’re moving to be close to us, they should be CLOSE to us. It might be “Everybody Loves Raymond” annoying sometimes, but I honestly love my in-laws and think it would be a great asset to us and our kids to live close. I grew up with my grandma’s house right across the driveway, and loved going to visit her every day.

We’ve talked about buying land and building neighboring houses. I love love the idea of a custom, new home, but also….I hate it. How predictable! Buying land means moving farther from our church. Building a house likely means less charm. I usually lean towards the idea of buying established homes in the same neighborhood, but that seems tricky, since our budgets will be pretty different. Also, homes near our church can be very expensive, even the small ones.

So, we look around quite a bit for fun, and Mark found some nice floor plans from a local builder. Then I found a development they have that is (according to Google maps) 6.6 miles from our church, and just 9 minutes away. The lots are around an acre (which pleases Mark’s dad), and if the drive is what the internet says, it really pleases me! I’m imagining driving to our parish school twice a day for several, several years…and I want the commute to be fast.

I think Mark’s folks are going to come up for a visit next weekend and we’ll go drive to the development, as well as a couple other possibilities.


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