working working working

I’m working a lot (for me) this week. Nearly 20 hours, probably.

I’m not the biggest fan of one of my jobs, but it’s part of my Lenten resolutions to have a better attitude about working there. I know I’m incredibly blessed to have good work opportunities, and I’m blessed to be contemplating whether or not I should be working all these hours now.

Only four months until baby #3 arrives. I think I’ll keep contemplating my role as a working mom until then. I’ll try to cheerfully take shifts as they work for our family and we can save, save, save! 🙂 Mark is hoping to start a master’s program soon, and tuition for our kiddos will only increase each year, so it’s time to buckle down. I DO NOT WANT DEBT. 🙂


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thirty-something. working on life.
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