I was trying to make 7 posts in 7 days…inspired from something my sister linked up to. I didn’t link to the blogroll (is that the right term?), and I suppose I can still do 7 posts in 7 days, and just double up one day, huh?


Mark and I had an overnight date last night. In case you don’t know me well, I’m a bit attached to my children. The first time I left my oldest daughter overnight was when I was pregnant with her little sister. Mary was somewhere around 20 months old, and my mother-in-law stayed at our house with her. But we were only away for less than 12 hours! We went to a late dinner as a family, came home, put Mary to bed, and went to a local B&B. Then, I woke up really early, and convinced Mark we should be back home by about 8 am. Ahhh. The only other time we left Mary overnight was a couple months later, after giving birth to Clare. Mark went home to put her to bed (my mom stayed that time), then came back to stay with Clare and I in the hospital.

We wanted to have another little getaway, a babymoon, before our third child arrives in July. Even though Clare is not near as a consistent sleeper as Mary was at this age, I guess I’ve gained confidence or something, and we were gone for about 24 hours, and we went out of town, too. Clare has seriously slept through the night five times in her life. I consider 8-9 hours sleeping through the night. (I know there’s a real definition, and that mine would not apply to young babies.) Anyways, she slept 8ish hours straight once back in December, and then three times since completely weaning after Feb 1st. I was a bit nervous she would not sleep well while we were gone, but I knew she would be fine. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law stayed with the girls, and while it would stink for them, they could survive a night of poor sleep too. Well, it turns out Clare slept great! She stayed in her bed until 5:45 am (she did go to bed crazy late, but hey, that happens with us sometimes, and I’m not a stickler for bedtimes), then cuddled and slept with Grandma until 7:15 am (which is when Mary woke up, and that’s actually a bit late for her). So lucky for everyone involved!

I slept like crap, not surprisingly. I think I fell asleep right before 11 pm, woke at 2:30 am to pee, then woke around once an hour until I stayed up at 8 am.

But we had a really nice time away. We met up with three of Mark’s friends from high school for dinner, one joined us for an OKC Thunder basketball game, really enjoyed our hotel, and had a yummy lunch today at Fuzzy’s Tacos before coming home.

We also finally confirmed our baby boy’s name: John Matthew. I’ll try to share how we came about the name sometime and how many others we liked. Boy names are easy! 🙂


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