paying for housecleaning

So, I’m a terrible housekeeper. Always have been. Hope I’m not going to be that way forever, but have to admit the foreseeable future looks to hold the same.

I’ve paid for housecleaning twice before. Well, actually once, it was gifted to me. Right after Mary was born, before her baptism, my mother-in-law paid for a cleaning. It was lovely.

Just this past Christmas, we paid for it before we hosted a party. Totally worth it.

And so, as I continue to not be good at housekeeping, work part-time, and sort of chase my two kids as I’m fatigued with pregnancy, I bought a three-cleaning special.

Today 7 people showed up to our house, cleaned for 30 minutes and I am so happy because of it. I “pre-cleaned” for a LOT longer than 30 minutes, and that was worth it too.

I will make sure I declutter even more and they’ll have access to a couple more rooms next time (Mark was still asleep today), and it will be awesome.


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