Best Disney Souvenirs

Now, I’m not gonna say we didn’t get sucked into buying some other items, but I had three must-buy souvenirs before we even left for our trip, and they are definitely my favorites.


  1. Mouse Ears! We were super fortunate and Uncle Matt bought them the classic hats, but with a girly twist, of course. And my in-laws bought them the cute Minnie Mouse headbands Mary picked out.
  2. Mr Potato Head parts! There are two locations where you can get unique Disney accessories for your Potato Head. We loaded up a box at the Downtown Disney toy store for only $20. I know they will provide endless hours of fun.
  3. Hand-cut silhouettes! Oh my goodness. These are now among my most prized possessions. You get two cut-outs (mirror images because they just fold the paper) and the frames were really inexpensive. I hope we make trips in future years and can see how our little girls grow and change, as well as add some more faces!

The following photos aren’t that great, but they showcase our items 🙂

IMG_1896 IMG_2091




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