talks & talks & talks

Mary is just go go go and talk talk talk.

“I play baseball. I play baseball with my friends. I throw the ball in the net and, goal! And then I kick it.”

Me: Mary, you’re cute. And Clare, you’re cute, too. And I think Daddy’s kinda cute. Mary, do you think Daddy’s cute?
Mary: No, Daddy’s a boy!

And I really wish I had this little bit on video…. Her telling Daddy about our day, in a very animated way:

(jumping up and down, happy) Daddy, daddy, we went to the library* today, and saw Liam and saw cousins, and Elmo and Cookie Monster!! (and then she frowned, pouted her lips and got all sad), But I didn’t like Elmo and Cookie Monster and Mary cried and we left and Mary cried in the car and they were big and scary!

*library sounds more like livararary.


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