Hail Mary

I never blogged about visiting family last week. It was fun, except when it was horrible. Which was mostly bedtime. Yikes. Mark always puts Mary to bed. So when he wasn’t with us (he was hanging with the priests and Stewardship Council at a conference), and we were not at our own house, and I had two children to keep happy and get to sleep….yeah. It was bad. Well, it was AWFUL the first night, crappy the second, and perfect the third.

I said I should probably start putting Mary to bed myself on occasion here at home, and tonight I was given a great opportunity to try because Mark was catching some sleep before work after a long day of not testifying at the courthouse. Anyways, I got Clare down, then Mary and I settled into the orange recliner. We read books, used the potty, brushed teeth, changed into jammies, and snuggled more. And that little cutie responded when I asked if we should pray by saying, “Hail Mary, Full of grace”. Some incredible dad must be teaching her well.


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