Happy (Non)Birthday, Dear Mommy

Sometimes I feel like I’m sucking up at this whole motherhood thing…especially when I feel like I’m with my kids 24 hours a day (or the days I quite literally am WITH them for 24 hours and nighttime is more work than daytime), but I know all moms deal with this inadequacy and others like me want to run away to a “real” job sometimes…but anyways…

LOTS of times I’m so grateful that I helped make these tiny people and that I get to spend all this time with them.

Like today when Mary made me a birthday cake out of play dough and sang to me. When did she learn to sing “Happy Birthday”? She sings a lot these days. Some real songs, others not. The made up ones are, of course, my favorite.


And sweet Clare Bear, who just flashed me lots of grins between nursings. Lately I’ve dwelled on the sacrifices I’ve made to have this little person who doesn’t take bottles or pacifiers, but really how fortunate are we that she doesn’t? What a lucky baby.



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