no Facebook

How lame is it that giving up Facebook for Lent is hard? It’s much harder than soda…so far.

The girls and I went over to the Beauclair house this morning. I finally took a picture of the two baby girls. They’re getting too big. I can’t believe Clare’s 1st birthday is less than three months away.


Maybe the no-Facebook thing is good because I talked to five of my siblings today. Three on the phone, one at Ash Wednesday mass. And actually, I had a missed call from Patrick, and he didn’t answer when I tried him back, so the attempt was definitely there. I should probably make an effort to call my folks more. My daily Facebook activity is likely reassurance to my mom that we’re all okay.

I’m guessing I’ll blog more this Lent. Partly to have a place to share photos and random little things. I’m not even sure who reads this. Maybe I should make sure my mom does. 🙂

I didn’t miss the soda today, but I’m totally ready to crash and it’s before 9 o’clock. Tomorrow I’ll be sure to drink more coffee and caffeine in other forms.


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