-I wish I could give up everything for Lent and succeed at doing so. By “everything”, I mean: TV, terrible food, soda, my iPhone, getting frustrated at my 2 1/2 year old…
-I do eat terrible. Like, lots of sweets. Lots. But I’m still losing weight, or at least holding steady at nearly 20 pounds lighter than I was before Clare. That makes me happy, of course, but I also feel guilty.
-I started updating my 30 before 30 list while on the computer earlier (95% of blogging is from my phone, like now), and since I have just under two years to go, it’s time to buckle down and maybe revise. I doubt I’ll do some, like learn Spanish, so I should just take the opportunity to accomplish something else, right?
-I have recently had a bit of an epiphany regarding children (mine specifically) and education. Basically, I’m very adamant about Catholic education through high school. So….better start saving for tuition, eh? 😉
-I’d like to do a no-spend February challenge.
-I can hear Mark getting frustrated and Mary jabbering…she should be asleep by now. Clare’s snoozing in my arms, and I’ll put her in the crib once Mary’s fully out. I was doing well at putting Clare back in the crib (even as she wakes up six times a night), but the last couple nights I’ve brought her back to my bed around one or two. Maybe tonight I’ll have the energy to not do that…
-I’ve been thinking lately a bit about how many photos I take (and share) of my kids. It’s pretty excessive. I’m wondering if I should limit it. Sometimes I’m too caught up in snapping photo with my phone instead of just enjoying the moment. Today I enjoyed the moment. I made Clare laugh & laugh & laugh, then we danced around the living room. Also, there isn’t a photo of me from every single day of my childhood and I don’t care. I don’t care that I don’t have a two dozen photos of my mom being pregnant with me. Or that I don’t know how old I was when I crawled. It’s no big deal.
-Mark has some extra nights off coming up. I’m way excited to spend time with him and get some junk done around here. Like putting away Christmas stuff…and becoming minimalists? 😉

And here’s a photo of my kids since I have so many…



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