Conversations with Mary

Mary is proving very difficult to get to sleep tonight. Mark and I have been taking turns with her. I was frustrated going in. And then, as she’s sitting on my lap in our orange recliner, she says:

“Mama, you the tallest. You heavy. Mary’s the littlest.”

Then I asked who was littler, her or Clare. She said, “Clare Bear. Clare Bear and Mary!”

And awhile later she told me I have two belly buttons. Upon further questioning, which led her to tell me they’re hiding and some awkward pointing, I knew she was talking about my nipples. Haha!


I love that goober. Even though two-and-a-half has proved to be challenging.


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One Response to Conversations with Mary

  1. Kate says:

    ha! I look forward to not thinking about my kids’ sleep schedule/routines/battles someday…

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