So I managed to really hurt my lower back. As in, I cried a couple times trying to move it hurt so bad. Luckily it’s much better (still struggling, but not crying and I think I can get out of bed if necessary). That might be thanks to all the rest (six hours in bed while my great husband took care of us all) or the drugs, but I’m thankful for sure.

Mark did have to go to work early for a dinner with his squad, and Miss Mary wouldn’t cooperate. So she’s in bed next to me. Clare’s asleep too, in the cosleeper on my other side. So thankful for my beautiful babies.


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thirty-something. working on life.
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One Response to ouch

  1. Kate says:

    If it is still pretty sore tomorrow, you might try a back brace. It really can help support your back. Plus, it look super cool! Feel better sister!

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