school shooting

The school shooting in CT is so heart-breaking to think about. Honestly, I’ve tried not to think about it too much or watch a ton of coverage. I just turned off the Today show as they began talking about the memorial services for the little children.

I’m not sure what can be done to reduce these terrible mass shootings. I’m okay with some more gun regulations and limits, and of course, I think mentally ill people need more support, but it’s bigger than all that. I was surprised to feel a tad bit of anxiety dropping my sweet toddler off at preschool an hour ago, because really…aren’t we just as vulnerable at a restaurant, a mall, a movie theater, a parade? We can’t become total homebodies (and I have zero desire to do that anyways).

I’ve had a shocking year full of shocking news, but the parents in Newton truly received unfathomable news. I pray their faith in God is strong and that their relationships with their families don’t suffer.

I’m so thankful for the faith of my Church and I really desire to grow more in that faith. And I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband and his support. While this year has been shocking, my little family unit is chugging along. I pray we can stay in our little bubble, but I guess I should prepare for otherwise.


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