sick babies

Ugh. Sick babies are so pitiful, like my sister commented on my Facebook. They need to get better fast, though, because with little sleep, I’m losing sympathy and that feels terrible.

Last night all the congestion caught up to Clare and she cried and cried and threw up. Then repeated. Three times. And continued to cry every ten minutes (maybe not, but it felt like it) all night long, even when sleeping seemingly peacefully in my arms.

Mary went to bed easily, but was awake before Mark left for work. I just put her in my bed too, and let her watch cartoons for two hours as I tried to sleep a little.

I just want everyone to be healthy. Not just my kids, but my mom. My mother-in-law. My friend’s grandma. Babies with heart defects. People struggling with addiction. Everyone with cancer. Old people.


Both girls are now napping. Not sure how long it will last. Better go wash my face, brush my teeth, put on pants and cheer up. 🙂



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One Response to sick babies

  1. MegMeg says:

    Hope they feel better soon!

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