I’m very good at making goals…just terrible at meeting them. However, for the next 13 months, I have an incentive… $$$.

A few of us have a “Buck a Day Challenge” going. It started last week on December 1, 2012 and ends December 31, 2013.

The main idea is to get everyone exercising daily. To officially count as being active, a participant must dedicate 30 minutes to exercising (by running, biking, lifting weights, Zumba class, whatever) or travel a minimum of 1 mile by foot (preferably running, but walking is permitted). For each day not active, participants put $1 into the pot. After the 13 months the person active the most days gets 70% of the pot.

We also will keep track of miles completed on foot and total time active. The winners of those categories will each get 15% of the pot.

Now that my first week is down (and I was active all 7 days), I’m ready to make some goals.

– run a 7 minute mile
– run (with a tad bit of walking) 500 miles over the 13 months
– run a half-marathon

Uh. That’s a lot of running goals, huh?

Good thing we own a treadmill. No excuses, right? 😉


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thirty-something. working on life.
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