marathon weekend

This coming weekend is going to be BUSY. My entire family will be in town and we’re celebrating a baptism and four birthdays (with two parties). And my sister is running her first marathon! I’m so excited for her, and me too, because I’m running (roughly) miles 5-10 with her!

Training for the marathon relay has been really good for me. I lost all the pregnancy weight (I think I’m actually at about my pre-first-baby weight), and I sorta love running now!

I really hope to keep running…ideally 5 miles three times a week. Realistically, maybe 10 miles total in a week. We’ll see. After the race, Mark & I will start putting our workouts on the calendar.


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One Response to marathon weekend

  1. Do 13 miles a week since it’ll be 2013! That’s what I’m considering.

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