tummy bug

A nasty tummy bug has taken up residence in our home. He’s been here 3 and a half weeks, I guess, and it’s getting old.

Mary was sick for two whole weeks, although she would have a couple days here and there without throwing up and she’d get her appetite back.

Mark and I each experienced the worst of it in just 24 hours (thankfully not the same 24 hours).

And after a whole week of good health, Clare came down with it. Poor baby. She actually seems to be in her regular good spirits and nurses well (she just throws it up half the time).

I haven’t slept two straight hours in I don’t know how long. Seriously. I’ve been paying attention the last week and sometimes I’ll sleep an hour and forty-five minutes, but never a full two!

This morning when Mark came home I was so exhausted. Clare had a loud tummy-rumbling BM, and Mark graciously changed her for me. Then Mary woke up, and Mark let Clare and I sleep another hour. That was the best hour of sleep I had all night!

I feel bad that we are missing Halloween celebrations this year, so I’m trying to have some extra fun with Mary today. I really hope I can convince her to wear this monkey costume we’ve had stashed in a closet for a long time. We’ll see…



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