Today we are celebrating four years of Team Ohnesorge.


I think I’ll write this post throughout our day, as I nurse the littlest team member.


After sleeping in a bit due to Mary still recovering from a stomach bug (and a late bedtime), she went with Daddy to bring home breakfast: Daylight Donuts & iced coffee from Braum’s.

Our house has become a terror lately, so we are devoting a lot of time to cleaning today. A charity picked up household donations in our neighborhood today, so I put out two boxes we already had ready to go (mostly old bags & purses), and then found a few more things we don’t need. Like these:


Two rolling pins, still in their packaging, that were wedding gifts 4 years ago. We also received two others (one is a French one or something?…without the handles), and I’m not entirely sure why I never returned these. I think I had an idea to have both of my uber-talented artist brothers-in-law (Matt & Jon) paint them to display in our kitchen. That is a pretty cool idea. But the pins have been shoved in a rarely used cabinet for years, and neither BIL really has the time to help me out at the moment. (For the record, we also did receive something like 4 angel food cake pans and I did donate two and return one. And the other…I’ve used once. The cake was terrible.)

I have spent a fair amount of time cleaning out the cabinets & drawers in our hall bath. For a family who is very low-maintenance when it comes to beauty & style, we sure have a ton of products. In the midst of tossing things, combining bottles of baby shampoo, and rearranging what goes in which storage bin, I came across a receipt from exactly four years ago.


The night of our “honeymoon” (a less than 24-hour stay at a nearby B&B), we had to run to the WalMart for hair deals and face wash. And then I felt it was necessary to hang on to the receipt. (But not the receipt from our dinner? I’m weird.) After snapping the pic, I tossed it.

Now we are out running a few errands. The main reason is to have Mary nap for a bit. Mark bought flowers at Sam’s (a traditional gift for fourth anniversaries).


Since we were out and about, and poor Mary with her no appetite issue still loves fries, we grabbed a few items off of McDonald’s dollar menu and headed home.


Aren’t they the cutest? They even clinked their burgers together and said “cheers!”

We got a bit more accomplished at the house (I’m extremely happy with my newly lined bathroom drawers (used leftover oilcloth), and then Clare and I headed up to an RCIA meeting at church. I’m sponsoring a girl interested in becoming Catholic, and in fact, tonight was the first time we were introduced.

When we got home, Mark had put Mary to bed and was finishing up dinner. It was delicious! He made salad with homemade dressing and chicken carbonara. Yum yum. I made the dessert…which was basically Snicker salad in pie form.





Such a great day. 🙂


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