My five siblings and I were so blessed to grow up with our grandparents so close. Somehow it came up the other day when I was visiting with my friend Roni that I went to my maternal grandmother’s house every day after school. Eating Little Debbie snackcakes, drinking Dr Pepper, and watching Jeopardy! with her are some of my favorite memories. She lived next door to us, so it was easy to see her often. We also usually rode with her to mass on Sunday mornings, or in the later years, would drive her.

My paternal grandparents live just about 20 minutes from our house. As I mentioned awhile back, my grandma is now in a nursing home, but my grandpa, at almost 92, is still living on his own. They were at every birthday celebration, every sporting event, and we used to have sleepovers with cousins at their house in the summer. 

I would really, really love for our girls to live near grandparents. It’s unlikely we could move back to our hometown anytime soon due to Mark’s job, but I think his parents could eventually move closer to us. And fortunately, all of them are willing to come visit us and are with us for every important milestone.

Grandpa with baby Mary
Mark and I with my grandparents at their 60th wedding anniversary party…which was nearly six years ago
My grandma and I, spring of 2003
Grandpa and I…some Thanksgiving from my college years

I have more photos, but these were the fastest to find on my computer. 🙂


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