2 years, 4 months

852 days until I’m 30.

So here’s an update on my list:

  1. Run a 5k – I ran 3.1 miles straight on our treadmill on August 29, 2012. It wasn’t fast, but it was fun! (And I just ran my 2nd 5k tonight…knocked my time down from 37:00 to 34:16. I might do an official race next month…)
  2. Make an article of clothing – I made dresses for Mary and Hannah for their first birthdays celebration on July 16, 2012. And haven’t really done much since. 😦
  3. Be a stay-at-home-mom. – I’ve basically been an on-again/off-again SAHM since Mary was born. As of today, it’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve worked a shift! But I am scheduled to work at a pharmacy back home in a few weeks. I’m weirdly excited about it.
  4. Go on a picnic – We’ve had one in our house on a blanket, one at the park with cousins, and one at the school. And those were all very recently. We’ve picnicked at the zoo, too.
  5. Learn Spanish – Sometimes I think I’d really like Mary to go to the Spanish-immersion elementary school in town. Now, that won’t necessarily teach me Spanish, and it won’t be before I’m 30, but it’d be cool, right?
  6. Wallpaper something – I’ve got to think on this. I don’t think I want to wallpaper a wall… hmm.
  7. Have at least two more kids – Halfway to this goal! 😉
  8. Go to Disney World – a trip is being planned for Fall of 2013 with Mark’s family. I’m pretty excited.
  9. Camp in a National Park – I should google which one is closest to us.
  10. Regularly use coupons -I’m currently working on just being a smarter grocery shopper by menu planning, not buying too much junk, etc. Coupons may be around the corner.
  11. Bake a yummy cake from scratch – not from scratch at all, but I did learn that a baking a boxed cake mix + a cup of greek yogurt = fantasticness.
  12. Pay off student loans – we paid off one of mine, and have a plan in action to get the other one paid off within 10 months or so!
  13. Mow the lawn – why did I think this would be a fun thing to accomplish? 😉
  14. Have 6 months of living expenses saved – I am tempted to mark this one out. We did have over 6 months of living expenses saved, but then we paid off my loan. And threw a small chunk at my other loan. Currently we’re keeping 3 months of bare bones budget in savings, and we’ve very comfortable with that amount. It’s time to tackle debt and invest more!
  15. Smoke something in our smoker – Mark smoked something awhile back. It was yummy.
  16. Go to the dentist – Done! After a four-year hiatus, it finally happened. I’m really happy with the office we picked, too!
  17. Own (tiny) diamond earrings – Mark bought me some sort of small, shiny earrings for Christmas/my birthday last year. They’re great and have completely made my desire to own real diamonds history.
  18. Organize photos – working on it. I bought a Flickr pro account and have over 8100 photos uploaded to it.
  19. Cloth diaper exclusively – I’d say we’re as exclusive as we’ll ever get. Both are in cloth day and night, with the exception of part of Mary’s time at school. Due to boring, complicated issues, after sending cloth the first two weeks, I now send disposable pull-ups for them to put on her, but actually send her in cloth.
  20. Frame my diploma – not a top-priority due to the cost, but I might ask for this as a Christmas gift…
  21. Visit my brother’s family in Illinois – Yes! We drove all night to go see Robert, Sarah, and George when Clare was about a month old. It was so nice to see their house, visit Chicago, and hang out with them.
  22. Mail cards frequently – I really need to work on this. I especially need to send things to my Grandpa!
  23. Join a team or club – I am going to cheat a bit, and say that my monthly dinner out with other girls is a club. I stole the idea from my sister, and it really is fun.
  24. Go to the Aquarium Mary and I went a long, long time ago with Kristen and her kids…back when she only had two and I only had one.
  25. Paint a canvas – I painted one to cover our fuse box. Works like a charm.
  26. Plan our second trip to Europe – We’ve talked forever about going back to Italy in late December 2014/early January 2015 (think New Year’s Eve in St Peter’s Square)…but more recently, we’ve wondered if that timing is the best. Maybe our kids should be older? Maybe we should have more cash stashed?
  27. Ride our tandem bike – Haven’t done it, but our friend Beau did repair the brakes, and he rode it with his lady friend.
  28. Find a hair stylist – I always just go to Super Cuts or wherever I can find a good Groupon for…
  29. Read 60 books – I have read some books. Not a lot, but I can name a few. Maybe I’ll change this to read 60 books on my Kindle. I’ve had it over 8 months and haven’t put anything on it yet! Yikes
  30. Get a puppy – Padfoot. I love him sometimes. But am currently struggling with him…entirely because of post-partum/breastfeeding hormones, I’m sure. It happened with our old dog after our older kid. I won’t wean early because of it, but dang, I’m ready to like my dog again.

    So that’s my list and where I’m sitting. I might do a revision or two before I turn thirty, we’ll see!

And because a post without pictures is boring, here’s a cousin picnic shot….


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