Out with August

Remember my 2011 in 2011 challenge that was a big fail? I attempted to get rid of 2011 things in our house. Keeping track got old, and my enthusiasm tended to wax and wane.

It’s waxing again now (I think that’s the right word), so I think I’ll just see how much crap I can haul out in one month. I might try to sell some stuff, very cheaply, but we’ll see.

Mark sorted through a bit of the closet last night, and I’m currently looking at our bookshelves with a lot of books we wouldn’t miss. I gave away quite a few books last year (maybe 50?), but we still have a lot that just collect dust. And heaven knows, I’m not much of a duster.

You know what…dang, I’m guessing we probably brought IN 2011 over the course of 12 months. Kids tend to do that, I guess. And ours are happily spoiled. 😉 Organizing and better utilizing our toys and kid clothes is on my list of things to accomplish.


About maggie

thirty-something. working on life.
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