I had a few friends come over for a CrafterMorning yesterday. I didn’t accomplish much because my kids were a bit needy, but I did finish framing the fortunes from when I was pregnant with Clare.


It matches one I made for Mary’s fortune. I think I posted about it awhile back. Now both frames are hanging in our bedroom, along with other cute things, but also along with some empty frames and empty spots. It’s my goal to complete our little gallery wall by next Sunday. One item will involve these little graphics I whipped up last night:



The amount of photos on our computer and our back-up drive is driving me crazy. I’m SERIOUSLY going to get everything on Flickr, all organized, then maybe I’ll just delete the files on our computer.

We need to get some photos printed. Not only do I want to finish the gallery wall in our bedroom, but we want to make one in our living room as well. And there’s a couple other empty frames sitting around on shelves. Plus…I’m going to create scrapbooks for the girls. Yep, I’m insane. My two-year-old’s baby book is only halfway done and my almost three-month-old’s isn’t even started. But…I’m going to keep the scrapbooking super simple. 🙂


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