more Mary things

Can’t forget:

She calls cats “meow meows”. But it sounds more like it rhymes with “now nows”.

I teach her words like “patience” and “love” even though she doesn’t get their concept because it’s cute when she repeats them.

After I let her “hold” Clare, she always asks for more.

She calls Clare “Clare Bear”, but it sounds like “Care Bear”.

Her coloring primarily consists of her asking us to write her name and draw Mickey. Sometimes she’ll scribble too, or request we draw Goofy, Daisy, Donald and the gang. Just the other day we noticed she’s trying to write M’s.

She’s named a doll. All are “doll” or “dolly” except “Strawberries”, which is appropriately Strawberry Shortcake.

The grandparents are still referred to as “baba”, all four of them, but she can now say “grandma”.

Uncle Matt is often “Uncle Hat”, or at least she’ll sign hat. Can’t remember who taught her that joke.





Can’t believe she’s turning TWO in a month.


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