Newborn photos

**Posting from my iPhone…not sure how photo quality will be….

A few people told me that I wouldn’t take as many photos of subsequent kids as I did with Mary. Well, not only are we continuing the tradition of weekly photos (on a fluffy animal playmat) and monthly photos (on our colorful bedspread), but Clare had two newborn photo shoots.

The first was with a friend who generously shared her talents with us. I gotta think of a proper way to thank her. Here’s one of our favorites:

I just added the text via Picasa. We’ll use some as birth announcements, but we’re also ordering some from a website.

The second photo shoot was with a professional. She gave us the session for free(!) because she used Clare as a model while mentoring two other photographers (who paid to be there). The photos are gorgeous, but not quite our style. Here’s one of my favorites:


She’s naked in several. Haha!

Anyways. Yeah…Clare will have a lot of photos, even though she’s not our first. ,)


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3 Responses to Newborn photos

  1. danardoyle says:

    Clare is so beautiful! Congratulations! I have taken plenty of pics of my second and third – not as many videos/action films though. I think that if you are a picture taker by nature, you will continue to shoot away. So happy for you!!

  2. maggie says:

    just realized this announcement shows 7 lbs, 16 oz. 😉 Fortunately I corrected that to 15 oz on the ones I printed!

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