Weekends make me want to blog because there’s not enough going on to entertain me. Mark works weekends, my favorite bloggers don’t post, people are too busy to play on Facebook, and nothing good is on TV.

Mother’s Day is going well. Clare and I got up at six, and Mary joined us at 6:30. Mark came home with McDonald’s breakfast and we all hung out in bed for a bit. He bought me a LivingSocial spa package, which is definitely a treat I’d never get myself.

We’ve watched very little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse today, which makes me feel happy. Mary spent a lot of time playing in her room, mostly trying to dress herself.


I pushed Mary on her swing for almost an hour, then she ran around with the dog and waved to airplanes. (I’m very lazy with my pushing…I sit in a chair and play on my phone. Pandora and my singing entertains us both.)



After we came inside (Clare was still sleeping in her bouncer…I sit her by the back door with the screen opened), I made waffles with our circus animal waffle maker. Mary played with one giraffe, but ate one and a half sausage patties.


Then we played more in her room, with blocks, shape-sorters, and a puzzle.

Oh, and Mary peed in the toilet! Yesterday, she pooped in it! Cracks me up because we’re so dang excited and we’re not even trying to potty-train.

Now naptime* is going on almost two hours (!), and I’ve done nothing productive. I’m okay with that. Since its almost 3:30, Mark will probably get up soon, and I’m looking forward to that. He’s a keeper.

*Not only am I amazed at Mary’s interest in the toilet, especially so soon after Clare’s arrival, but I’m incredibly thankful that her naps are eight billion times better! We (usually me, of course, since Mark has a funky schedule) still put her to sleep on the couch, but I can now slip away. Ahhhh…glorious.


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