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This having a second kid is WAY different than the first. With Mary, I was working full-time, Mark was actually laid-off, and BAM! my water broke after a 12-hr shift, and off we went. (BAM! as in it surprised me because I was 39 weeks, not because it was a waterfall. Not at all. Thankfully.)

This time, I stopped working part-time at 36 weeks, Mark works around 50 hours a week, and even though I’m only 38 weeks and 5 days, I keep thinking “maybe today? maybe that’s a contraction? hmm….”

Tonight would be a good night to go into labor, but also it’s not really ideal. My doctor will be out of town this weekend, so delivering tomorrow would be great…and also tomorrow is my oldest brother’s birthday, and my soon-to-be nephew’s actual BIRTH day. However, my oldest brother also has an insanely early dental appointment and wouldn’t be able to come over to our house while we let Mary snooze away…and since Mark’s sister-in-law has a c-section scheduled for tomorrow, my mother-in-law wouldn’t be able to come to town either. Butttt, we have friends on call to come over in the middle of the night, and my mom has lesson plans ready for a sub. 

If nothing happens in the next 18 hours, I hope Clare holds off until Monday or Tuesday. And then my doctor is leaving town again! Agh. 🙂


We’ll just see. Eventually something’s gotta go BAM! Right?


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