things I shouldn’t forget

Mary’s getting so big and learning so much, I want to make sure I don’t forget everything about this stage!


  • She loves buckles, especially the one on her highchair. She doesn’t really want to sit in it, but she likes to buckle in her dolls.
  • Out of the blue, she started taking care of her dolls. Changing their diapers, putting them down to sleep, and my favorite: asking Mark to help take off their clothes so she could give them a bath. 🙂 Like a good dad, he obliged, then pulled out her whale bathtub to the living room so she could bathe them.
  • She’s pretty much a terror during mass. She’s actually not that horrible, but we haven’t been able to sit in the sanctuary for an entire mass in FOREVER. Letting her draw on a notepad provides the best distraction, but it still doesn’t last long enough.
  • She’s starting to climb on everything. She can climb up on our dining chairs, and then climb right onto the table. She also managed to get up on our little barstools today. That makes me nervous because they don’t have a back!
  • Now when we ask her to say ‘thank you’, she just says ‘welcome’. Which is cute, but not really correct. 
  • She’s still a pretty dang good sleeper at night, but naps are either in the car, on the couch with one of us, or nonexistent. I’m 80% sure we’ll start some nap-training tomorrow. 😦

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One Response to things I shouldn’t forget

  1. Meg says:

    Sounds very similar to my daughter. She loves the buckle on my son’s baby swing and her highchair – I keep trying to show her how to get it to work, but she insists on figuring it on her own. And she loves to climb up and sit on the sofa. Once she makes it up she gets this big grin as if to say ‘I’m a big girl.’ She is growing up way too fast.

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