house #2

So I just mentioned being mortgage-free in my last little post about taxes. Well, I doubt we’ll pay off the mortgage of this house…

Mark and I had a fun little day-dreamy talk two nights ago about our next house. We’ve kinda settled on the idea of not moving until at least 2015, so we’ve lots of time to plan and look.

We’re not really sure where we want to live, so that’ll take time. I think we both probably prefer to stay in our city, but a couple nearby “suburbs” wouldn’t be terrible. I think it’d be great to stay near our parish (we live about 1.5 miles away), especially if we send our kids to school there through eighth grade. (Which, oh my goodness, private tuition costs should be something I post about too!) I can also see myself working/volunteering at our parish in the future.

We like the idea of new construction, but the charm of older houses.

Our must-have list (I watch a lot of HGTV, and love house hunters’ lists!):

– 4 bedrooms (ours, girls’, hopefully boys’, and guest)
– 2.5 baths (I would love a half bath!!)
– big kitchen (we aren’t fans of stainless steel appliances, so maybe we’ll ave some $ there!)
– large dining area
– nice yard (we can add a deck or patio if need be. Mark would like a pool…me, notsomuch)
– 2 car garage (some days, I just imagine how awesome a garage would be)

These next items are basically my lists, but I bet Mark would agree…

More of wants, not must-haves:

– a bonus room (den, study, etc…something for toys and a TV)
– a large pantry
– a basement (a little rare around here, but any sort of storm shelter would really make me happy)

And a total wish:
– a walk-in shower for two. It’ll probably be years before Mark and I can logistically shower at the same time, but when we can, I’d love a giant walk-in!

I’ve been having fun on Pinterest, looking at fun home decor and organizational stuff. Ahhhh. Eye candy. 😉


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