tax time

Yuck. Started working on our taxes tonight. Money and numbers can be depressing sometimes. Especially interest. I really wish my student loans were paid off. Fortunately, they’re not too huge, and the payments are affordable, but interest just stinks. So of course, looking at mortgage interest is SUPER stinky. I really hope Mark and I are mortgage-free long, long before retirement age!

It looks like we’ll owe a fair chunk to both federal and state. And I know I’m supposed to be glad we didn’t give the government an interest-free loan, but I was secretly (or not-so-secretly) hoping for a nice little return. And then we’d pay to have gutters installed on our house. It rained a bunch this week, and I really wished we had gutters.

One bright moment when looking over all our stuff…in 2011 we earned about 2/3 of what we did in 2010, but our charitable giving didn’t drop. This year our income will drop even more (hello SAHMness in two weeks), but we’re still on track to give the same or more.


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