Mark’s best friend, Colin, and a friend of his from seminary flew in last night. We had a yummy late dinner of Caesar salad, bread, and hummus. Then we stayed up way too late. Well, Mary finally crashed in the pack-n-play in our room at 11 (super late), and that’s when Dustin headed to bed (an air mattress in the playroom). I didn’t fall asleep until about 2 am, but it was fun sitting outside talking with Mark and Colin. They enjoyed beer, while I enjoyed decaf coffee.

Colin and Dustin headed off to a nearby monastery this morning for a retreat. They’ll be back on Wednesday for a few more days of visiting.

And at lunchtime our friends Erik & Carey came over. They brought lunch, we sat around, talking about babies (they’re due with their first just a couple weeks after we’re due with Clare), played with Mary. They ended up staying until after dinner (spaghetti).

It’s fun having people over. And much easier than visiting other places or going to restaurants with a toddler. 🙂



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