Mary sure has learned the word “no”, and it’s frustrating at times. She’s still pretty easily distracted and redirected, and really, she often doesn’t mean “no”, it’s just so whiney. Agh.

But darn it if she ain’t still so sweet sometimes. She knows baby Clare is in my belly (or maybe she thinks that’s just my belly button’s nickname?), and will give her kisses. She napped with me for 2.5 hours today on the couch. A lot of the time I was very uncomfortable, because she’s no longer content in the nook of my arm, and must be laying on my big pregnant belly as well as have her head in my throat. But I really do treasure the cuddles and wonder how often we’ll have them come May.

I snapped this shot of her pretending to go night-night in her toddler bed yesterday. We just set it up, and she loves to crawl in there to play, turn the light on/off, and it’s now our new diaper-changing station.


We also just got a new desk & nightstand set that looks like a dresser when put together. I love it and almost want to buy a matching chest of drawers.



And there’s Mary playing in one of the empty boxes from the dresser. Toddlers have it made. 🙂


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