I’m putting Mary to bed. She’s a good one. Said “no” and whined a bunch today, but also napped by herself on the couch for over an hour, which meant I had a chance to clean out the fridge.

I mailed off her enrollment fee and application today. She’s starting school in the fall! 🙂 She’ll go to the two-year-old class twice a week at our parish school. I think it’ll be a good experience for us all. My friend Leah and her son Bennett (who will be in the bunny class too) came over for dinner because her husband is on a business trip. Mary definitely needs to learn to share with her peers. 😉

16 more shifts at work. I gave notice that I’ll be leaving once I hit 36 weeks (which is 6.5 weeks away!). I’m so excited to be done with work, but a little bit scared to lose the income. Mark and I have really been saving though, and we also have started talking about some financial things we need to do.

Baby Clare is moving like crazy tonight. Don’t think she likes Mary lying on top of my belly. 🙂

We’ve started changing up Mary’s room a bit, getting it ready for sisters to share. Even though Clare will most likely be in our room for a few months, it’s fun to get it all ready. Think we’ll add some monkeys to the giraffe jungle we’ve got going on. Mark thinks I’m crazy, but I’ve already picked out elephants for baby #3. 🙂

Time to put this little girl in her crib and do cleaning with the husband. Our bookshelves in the living room need massive dusting and reorganizing!


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