I’m tired. It’s after 10 pm, and today was a work day.

Valentine’s was fun. Mark surprised me with a sweet, great dinner (our favorite homemade pizza) when I got home after working a shift at my old pharmacy (which closes at the crazy time of 9 pm). I made him Rice Krispy treats, but shaped them to look like giant Hershey Kisses. It was my first Pinterest project! 🙂 Mary’s nap issues prevented me from making the little tags for them, but I think they were still cute. On actual Valentine’s we hung out with friends from church (the youth group volunteers, so young families, young singles, young couples) and had a lot of fun and ate too much.




We had some snow. Not a ton, but it was Mary’s first time to play in snow and she LOVED it. I don’t have pictures on my phone, though.

I’m hosting a baby shower for a friend who’s also due in May. The theme is Star Wars. I’m having lots of fun planning!

Life is about to get very busy. I swear, Mark and I both have so much going on between now and…well, June. And of course we’ll have a baby sometime in there. I hope I can find time to clean my house before she arrives. 🙂

Mary was cracking us up tonight. I love how she’s talking more. I love her.


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One Response to update

  1. danardoyle says:

    So glad ya’ll had a good Valentine’s Day – That pizza looks wonderful – even sweeter since your husband made it! Don’t you love pinterest?! My daughter has been using it for recipes and ideas for hairstyles. Really neat!

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