I’ve been moody today. Not good moody either.

Mary woke up at 6:30, which is actually fantastic considering the night before she was awake from 3:45-6…and mostly fussy that whole time even though we put her between us in bed. Anyways, after some milk, we both snoozed on the couch until about nine…so a decent morning.

Mark left the house just before noon (he covered a half-shift at the pharmacy for someone), and right away I noticed he left his phone. I ran outside, and while I didn’t catch him, I apparently didn’t pull the screen door completely shut. Minutes later, as I’m changing from pajama pants into jeans (so we can take Mark his phone), I hear the front door close. I frantically run, hoping Mary didn’t get outside. She didn’t, but our giant, goofy dog did. So I grab the baby, a leash, and a handful of Milkbones. It took us a bit to catch up to him, a tiny struggle to hook the leash on, and the long walk back from the corner was rough. Padfoot spent the rest of the day in doggie time-out.

After our quick trip to deliver Mark’s phone, the entire afternoon was spent struggling to get Mary to nap, as I struggled myself to stay awake. She finally fell asleep at four (after taking the smelliest poop I have EVER smelled).

The evening was better, once Mark was home and I ate leftover chicken soup. We even accomplished a tiny bit of housework.

As soon as this little munchkin in my lap falls asleep, I’ll probably eat sherbet and watch Hulu. Not super-productive, but it sounds like a good time.


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thirty-something. working on life.
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