Takeout Tuesday

I’ve long thought about having a regular date night with my husband, and tonight we finally started a great tradition: we’ll have a weekly date night at home! This was inspired by The Frugal Girl.

We picked Tuesdays because one of us works each Tuesday daytime (Mark at his security job every other week, and I have my regular pharmacy shift the alternating weeks), plus Mark doesn’t have to work that night.

Tonight, while I put Mary to bed, Mark went and picked up Olive Garden. We even had giftcards from Christmas to cover our meals! It was delicious. And really, really filling. We both came to stretch out on the couch for just a bit, and now Mark’s fast asleep. 🙂 We were going to pick up some in our room, and I should probably do a loads of white, but I think I’ll let him snooze, and dangit if I’m not so comfy here. Mark has his adoration hour at two a.m, so maybe we’ll doze on the couch until then.

I meant to take a photo of our food (I like posts with photos, plus it’d be good for a weekly photo post), but I forgot. This’ll have to do:


My empty dessert container. 🙂 and you can see Padfoot relaxing in front of the TV.


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One Response to Takeout Tuesday

  1. Kristen says:

    Woohoo! I hope you guys enjoy this new tradition. 🙂

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