friday night miscellany

A few times this week I’ve thought about making a quick post on my phone, but my WordPress app isn’t working currently.

So now, it’s nearing ten o’clock on a Friday night…Mary’s asleep in her room, Mark’s at work, and the dog is somewhere. Think I’ll just share some quick things.

-I thought about doing a Project 366. Meaning I’d take a post a photo for each day of this leap year. I take photos so often with my phone, so the majority will probably be from that, but I also really hope to break out our nice DSLR more often. Anyways. Here’s the first installment that I just posted tonight. Not sure if I’ll always do that format. I’m not going to be too strict or anything. I just want to document more in photos, and not just use Facebook as my outlet to share. 😉

– Mary has been like the superest, bestest, most amazingest sleeper the past week or so. Except a couple mornings ago (in the midst of some fever issues) when she woke at 5 a.m., I can count on her to sleep from roughly 8 or 9 pm to 7 or 8 am. And that is so awesome.

– We still haven’t completely packed away Christmas decorations. Hmmm.

– We expanded from super basic cable this month so we could watch the Cowboys play in their bowl game. I am really going to miss HGTV when we get rid of all the channels again. 😦 It’s motivating me to at least think about how pretty and de-cluttered our house could be. Having the energy and time to carry out that motivation is a different story…

Okay. Now I’m getting tired and can’t remember what else I wanted to share. Guess I’ll go plug in some of our spending into my fancy Google docs spreadsheet, and see how we’re financially sitting for the month.


Happy Weekend!




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