Mark bought me a Perfect Meatloaf pan for my birthday. It was meant partly as a gag, partly as a serious gift. I’ve never made a meatloaf (tried some mini turkey things in a muffin pan once…turned out pretty bland), so I tried my hand at one tonight.

It was a Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf recipe that came with the pan. I accidentally started making the classic recipe first, so I didn’t follow the directions to a T, but it was close enough.

The only issue we had was that even after following the cooking temp & time, it was pink in the middle, so in it went for another 20 minutes. That caused the cheese on top to be a bit overdone, but it wasn’t terrible.



Overall, not bad…for meatloaf. 😉 Now we have leftovers of lasagna, enchiladas, and meatloaf! And a new menu item for tomorrow night. I think we’ll be eating leftovers all weekend!

P.S. I had frozen Granny Smith applesauce for dessert. YUMMMM.


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