seven-twenty: woke up all on my own, Mark still asleep beside me (I sure love his nights off), and Mary still in her room, the only sounds on the monitor were her lullabies

seven-fifty-five: lying in bed still, reading on my phone, when Mary wakes up, vocal, but not too unpleasant

eight-thirty: breakfast with my girl


eleven-ish: lunch of champions, DiGiorno and Dr Pepper


one-twenty: Mary is napping on me while I’m watching “Revenge” on Hulu. We’ve said we’re working on independent napping, but it’s my birthday and I choose snuggling!


three-fifteen: After Mary napped, Mark & Padfoot went for a run and cleaned up, and after my own super long, super lovely shower we headed to the zoo. The weather was PERFECT. Almost seventy degrees. Ah. 🙂 I posted a bunch of pics to a Facebook photo album, but here’s a few…





five-fifteen: We headed to our favorite grocery store (which isn’t the closest to our house or the cheapest) and picked up a few things for dinner & dessert. Mary was the happiest camper in her police cart.


six-thirty: Mark made me one of my favorite meals (taco potatoes), and we ate on our china.


seven-thirty: Dessert time. And dang it, we forgot about the candles! I actually found a two, seven, and maybe six, in our pantry the other day. You know, the candles shaped like digits. Not sure who we forgot to use them on before me… 🙂


Now it’s just about eight, and I’m putting Mary down for the night. She’s chewing on her toothbrush while I’m typing on my phone. Mark is getting ready for work. Soon I’ll be in bed myself, finishing up the latest episode of “Parenthood”.

It’s been a FANTASTIC day. 🙂


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thirty-something. working on life.
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2 Responses to two-seven

  1. Kate says:

    Yay for birthday blogs and pictures! Love you sister!

  2. danardoyle says:

    I hope you had a super birthday! I sure looks like you did! Your little one is adorable, and growing up so quickly!

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