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Takeout Tuesday

I’ve long thought about having a regular date night with my husband, and tonight we finally started a great tradition: we’ll have a weekly date night at home! This was inspired by The Frugal Girl. We picked Tuesdays because one … Continue reading

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one hour

I’m a terrible housekeeper. I admit it. Not proudly. But I’ve never really, really tried to change. Tonight I cleaned for one hour, starting as soon as I put Mary to bed. I set the timer on the oven, and … Continue reading

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friday night miscellany

A few times this week I’ve thought about making a quick post on my phone, but my WordPress app isn’t working currently. So now, it’s nearing ten o’clock on a Friday night…Mary’s asleep in her room, Mark’s at work, and … Continue reading

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Checking our accounts tonight, plugging expenses into our monthly spreadsheet… I’m excited about the possibilities we have this year financially. I mean, I know I’m quitting in not-so-many weeks, and that severely cuts into our income, but I really think … Continue reading

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Mark bought me a Perfect Meatloaf pan for my birthday. It was meant partly as a gag, partly as a serious gift. I’ve never made a meatloaf (tried some mini turkey things in a muffin pan once…turned out pretty bland), … Continue reading

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Mark and I just booked a night at a local B&B for later this month. We’d bought a Living Social Escape deal awhile back, so it wasn’t a huge expense. I’m pretty excited about. I’m not nervous about leaving Mary. … Continue reading

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seven-twenty: woke up all on my own, Mark still asleep beside me (I sure love his nights off), and Mary still in her room, the only sounds on the monitor were her lullabies seven-fifty-five: lying in bed still, reading on … Continue reading

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